We take pride in being a quality driven business. The goal is to maximize your profit and deliver the best draught beer possible for your customers.

clean lines. better beer.

Offering 24hr service with qualified technicians, we keep your beer and business running smoothly.


Whether you run a restaurant or bar your draft beer is a major source of revenue. Proper maintenance of your draft lines can greatly improve the quality of the final product and increase your profits.

From system installations to cleaning and maintenance, TapOut services is your one stop shop for high quality delivery systems from keg to glass.


frequently asked questions


1.) What type of beer system will work best for my establishment?

There are many factors to take into consideration. Your establishment size, the amount of beer you serve, and your budget will dictate whether you choose direct, air cooled or a glycol bath system.  Read More...

2.) Does my draft system require cleaning, and how often?

Regular cleaning of the faucet, beer hose and keg coupler is extremely important. If this is not performed, the beer will foam. Additionally, bacteria, yeast, mold and beer stone will build up and quickly degrade the quality of your beer. Read More...

3.) What is Beerstone?

Beerstone is a type of calcium buildup that occurs with the dispensing of draft beer. Usually the buildup forms as small spots with the beer tube. As the buildups become larger they flake off and appear in the dispensed beer as small white or black specks. This will cause the beer to have an "off" taste. Read More...

4.) Why is my Beer so Foamy?

Foamy beer means lost money, and there can be many specific issues that cause your beer to foam.

  • Beer is not served at the right temperature
  • Applied pressure is too high (the draft system is not balanced)    


5.) Is it necessary to have my system professionally maintained?

Your draft line system is an investment that can either make you money, or lose you money. While your staff may be capable of performing most of the maintenance duties, its often not worth it for bars and restraunts to have the proper equipment, chemicals or training to keep your system running optimally. Read More...